Swans – Koko, 15th November 2012

There are no words for the sheer force of Swans’ set. This was music that had to be felt to be understood — and it was felt, not just heard. It isn’t an exaggeration to say you could feel the air move when Chris Pravdica churned out a monster bass line. There was no mosh pit, no stage diving, and yet the nearly two-hour show left plenty of fans looking and feeling battered. If you glanced around when the show ended (the only way it could: in near silence, with Gira singing Little Mouth’s a-cappella conclusion), just about every face was dazed and exhausted. What the hell just happened? For my money, what just happened wasn’t only a no- brainer candidate for the most exciting gig of 2010, but a new entry on the list of the 10 greatest performances I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. Montreal Gazette